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CE#662: The Visionary’s Lament (Linkedin)

Eric Ries

November 01, 2012

“But customers don’t know what they want!”

It’s an anguished cry that I have heard often from startup founders. In a way, I don’t blame them. I’ve been there myself. If we’re not attempting something truly new and innovative – what’s the point? If we’re just going to conduct the world’s biggest focus group to decide what to do, why couldn’t any old idiot do it instead? Isn’t the whole point of devoting our life to this enterprise to show the world that we have a unique and visionary idea?

I remember one conversation with a visionary quite well. He had just come back to the office after a few days away, and he was filled with big news. “I have incredible data to share!” which was pretty unusual – a visionary with data? He carefully explained that he had conducted a number of one-on-one customer interviews, showing them an existing product and then documenting their reactions. His conclusions were well thought out, coherently based in the data he was presenting, and painted an alluring picture of a new way forward. His team almost exploded on the spot.

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CE#626: Pulse; Read Your News. Anywhere


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CE#625: La educación, fuente de progreso: Andrés Oppenheimer (WOBI)

Según Andrés Oppenheimer, periodista y autor, “tenemos que estudiar más, mejor y más conectados con el resto del mundo”. Descubre en este video las grandes diferencias entre los países asiáticos y los latinoamericanos, y cuáles son los puntos clave a tener en cuenta para el desarrollo económico y social.


Wookieepedia: Link was a MC80a Star Cruiser belonging to the Rebel Alliance.

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CE#614: Turn It on Again – Genesis –

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CE#591: Editing and Animation of 3D Virtual Objects

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CE#586: Coffee drinkers have lower risk of death: NIH study (KURZWEIL News)

Coffee drinkers were less likely to die from heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, injuries and accidents, diabetes, and infections, although the association was not seen for cancer.

These results from a large study of older adults were observed after adjustment for the effects of other risk factors on mortality, such as smoking and alcohol consumption.

Researchers caution, however, that they can’t be sure whether these associations mean that drinking coffee actually makes people live longer.


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CE#475: 10 words of hope to help you get back in the game

Here are 10 words of hope to help you get back in the game:

Recharge – Recharge your drained batteries. Read a good book, hang out with someone positive, or attend a conference.

Rest – Struggles drain us personally. Sometimes we can’t continue until we have an extended period of downtime.

Reward – Reward yourself for small achievements. You may just need one win to spur you to greater things.

Re-energize – As strange as it sounds, I find exercising to be helpful when I need more energy.

Resist – Push through the pain and resist the temptation to quit.

Renew – Renew your passion for the vision you once believed in.

Restart – Invite some change, begin something new or try a different approach.

Reclaim – You had a dream. You believed in it. It had potential. Perhaps you simply need to reclaim what you already had.

Rejoice – Sometimes you need to throw a party…even before you realize the victory. A celebration may give you the motivation to try again.

Remind – People follow the leader. Remind them of their role in achieving the dream. Lead through the drought on to new victories.

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