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CE#524: Sales Analysis Charts in Excel – 78 Alternatives (

Recently, I ran a contest asking you to analyze a bunch of sales data and present your results in charts. We received a total of 78 charts from 45 people. The contest entries had a mind-boggling variety of excel charts, techniques and ideas. It took me a while to go thru all the files and compile the results. Thanks for your patience. In this post, you can find all the charts along with my comments & links to download files.

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CE#339: Nemo Documents – An intuitive file manager

What is Nemo Documents

Nemo is a Windows application for people with a lot of documents. It inspects your current folder structure to give you a new view of your files. Documents, images and other files are mapped into a calendar-like view that you are used to from Outlook or Google Calendar. This makes your files a lot easier to find so that you can focus on other things.

Nemo stays out of the way as much as possible, but lives in the notification area so that it’s always just a click away.

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CE#277: 9 Strategies to Make Selling Your Ideas More Successful (Lifehack)


A frequent question from people in all career phases is what a person can do to better sell a new idea, whether to a customer or inside an organization. As much as it would be nice to have a standard formula that always works, success really depends on the particulars of your situation.

There are, however, a number of common strategies you can consider. Your best course of action is to be adept at using a variety of approaches to make your ideas more powerful and compelling. These nine strategies are a strong start to include in your idea-selling toolkit:

1. Get the Facts in Place behind Your Idea

Make sure you build fact-based, logical support as the underpinning for your idea. If the facts aren’t readily available, look for new or nontraditional information sources. Assemble the information you need to develop a fact-based case for why your idea will deliver results the organization needs.

2. Link Emotions to the Facts Supporting Your Idea

Think about the world’s great stories. Very few are made up solely of facts. They all are strongly rooted in characters and emotions. Develop the most compelling storyline which makes sense with your idea and creates emotional connections to it among potential supporters.

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