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CE#450: Leonardo’s To-Do List (NPR; Krulwich wonders…)

In a book soon to be published, Lester says Leonardo used to travel with a small notebook hanging from his belt, and “whenever something caught his eye,” he would make a note, or begin “sketching furiously.”

“It is useful,” Leonardo wrote, to “constantly observe, note, and consider.” But when you are Leonardo, what sorts of things are buzzing around in your head? Well, Toby Lester describes what is essentially a “To Do” list buried in one of those notebooks, a bunch of things Leonardo planned to do one week, or month, in the early 1490’s.

I know what my To Do list would look like, and it would look nothing, not even remotely like this one.

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CE#449: Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret (Lifehacker)

He said the way to be a better comic was to create better jokes and the way to create better jokes was to write every day. But his advice was better than that. He had a gem of a leverage technique he used on himself and you can use it to motivate yourself—even when you don’t feel like it.

He revealed a unique calendar system he uses to pressure himself to write. Here’s how it works.

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