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CE#674: The Employee-Motivation Checklist (Fast Company)

Through many years of research, trial and error, and working with companies of all sizes in numerous industries, I have identified 16 critical ways to motivate your employees. Learn these techniques and adapt as many as possible in your business.

1. Make employees feel they are doing something meaningful.

A recent survey by BNET (which is now part of CBS MoneyWatch) asked the question, “What motivates you at work?”

The results showed that doing something meaningful is more important than money or recognition to your employees. Twenty nine percent of respondents said that doing something meaningful was the most motivating thing about work. Money motivated 25 percent, and recognition 17 percent.

Therefore, the number one way to motivate your employees is to make them feel that they are doing something meaningful. Now, if your vision is to alleviate poverty, as Kiva’s is, getting your employees to feel like they are doing something meaningful is pretty easy. This might not seem quite as simple for the typical for-profit company. But this, too, is relatively straightforward. Establishing your company’s vision and goals–particularly involving your employees in creating them–will motivate them to achieve these objectives and help them feel that they are doing something meaningful.

2. Effectively communicate and share information.

You also must consistently share new information to ensure that your employees make good decisions.

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CE#464: Rocket Man – Elton John

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CE#463: Wonderful World – David Attenborough – BBC

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CE#454: 10 Innovative Ways To Reward Your Employees (OPEN Forum l AMEX)

1. Get flexible

Reward dedicated employees by offering flexible work hours. Start with flex Monday and Friday schedules or find a way for it to work more broadly for the entire week. This vote of confidence in your employees’ ability to self-manage and get things done is a great acknowledgement and motivator.

2. Go remote

If your business can leverage the work of off-site employees, offer telecommuting arrangements for your best and brightest. Remote workers can skip long commute times, tolls, parking hassles and stress. One energetic and happy employee in pajamas can perform better than two frazzled commuters in corporate casuals.

3. Snag rock-star parking

Depending on the size of your office, a good parking spot may come at a premium. Reward rock-star employees by assigning them a stellar parking spot for a month or for a quarter. Consider dedicating a permanent parking space for this very purpose and rotate it among your star performers.

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