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CE#618: Drum Duett & Los Endos “Live” 1987 HQ – GENESIS –


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CE#617: Evolution of the F1 Car

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CE#616: Tom Peters’ X12/EXCELLENCE2012: The Search Continues!

Tom Peters’ X12/EXCELLENCE2012: The Search Continues!


1. EXCELLENCE. A sterling reason for being. A way of life. A personal choice. (Besides, if not Excellence, what’s the point?)

2. Organizations exist to serve. PERIOD. (Selfless service to others is the moral basis for all enterprise. PERIOD.)


3. “Business has to give people enriching, rewarding lives … or it’s simply not worth doing.”—Richard Branson

4. To put the customer first is to put our people ahead of the customer. (Leaders’ Job #1: “In service” to staff!)

4A. “You have to treat your employees like customers.”—Herb Kelleher, on his “only” success secret

5. Obligation on several levels (including community/country) to maximize efforts to develop our people—one at a time.

6. The demise of jobs as we’ve known them—the accelerating tech tsunami.  (Education revolution. NOW. Or doom.)

7. “Productivity through people” in truly small organizations—the ultimate national productivity multiplier.

8. The training imperative. (#1 “C-level”?) (Every employee has superstretch growth plan—managers evaluated thereon.)

9. The “d”iversity (lower case “d”) imperative. (Variety of every sort is effectiveness’ handmaiden.)

10. The teamwork imperative. (Goal: “I’m 100X better!”—top doc on power of Mayo Clinic’s dogmatic “team medicine.”)

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CE#615: RIP Stephen Covey: Here Are His Famous ‘7 Habits Of Highly Effective People’ (BI)

In honor of renowned author Stephen Covey, who died this morning at age 79, we’ve decided to succinctly break down the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” from his all-time best-selling book, which sold 20 million copies.

Here’s the short version, but we recommend you buy his book:

1) Be Proactive

As human beings, we are responsible for our own lives. We have the independent will to make our own choices and decisions, and the responsibility (“the ability to respond”) to make the right choices. You have the freedom to choose your own fate and path, so having the independent will, imagination and self-awareness to make the right move makes you a proactive, and not a reactive, person.

2) Begin With The End In Mind

Mental visualization is extremely important. Covey says that all things are created twice: first, the mental conceptualization and visualization and a second physical, actual creation. Becoming your own creator means to plan and visualize what you’re going to do and what you’re setting out to accomplish and then go out and creating it. Identifying your personal statement and your principles will help.

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CE#614: Turn It on Again – Genesis –

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CE#613: Toccata -Chip Davis and mannheim steamroller

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CE#612: How far will you go for Fantastic Delites? – Delite-o-matic

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