CE#572: Top Employee Time-Wasters and How to Prevent Them (OPEN Forum AMEX)

1. Social media sites. Not surprisingly, visiting social media sites is the black hole of workplace productivity. Facebook is the top social destination, with 41 percent of survey respondents logging in from work every day. Facebook is not the only culprit however; LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and more recently Pinterest all claim their share of work-hour traffic.

2. Socializing with co-workers. The water cooler is still king, with a majority of employees admitting they commonly engage in office gossip on work time. Although employers certainly want coworkers to be friendly in order to boost company morale and team cohesiveness, it can be an enormous drain on company time.

3. Personal business. Employees use work time to check personal e-mail accounts, make personal phone calls, send texts and do other personal tasks such as online shopping and gaming. This trend is on the rise, as the line between work and home continues to blur.

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