CE#482: Ten Ways to Turnaround a Dysfunctional Team (Forbes)

You’ve just been hired or promoted to lead a company, division, function or team. However, your quick analysis of the players in the group suggests you’ve got some major problems. What do you do?

Here are the top ten ways to turnaround a dysfunctional team:

  1. Get rid of non-performers immediately. You will save yourself a lot of time and goodwill with other team members if you get rid of the cancerous members of the team right away. You’ll notice a lightness and energy in the air immediately afterwards.
  2. Fill vacant roles with capable people with amazing attitudes, skills for that particular area, and zealous attention to detail and follow-through. Top talent loves other top talent. They hate being on a team with others that are slowing them down. Most companies we see do a decent job hiring for attitude and skills but a terrible job judging someone’s attention to detail and follow-through.
  3. Set the vision for the group and establish milestones to achieving the vision. You’re the group leader. That means, it’s part of your job description to set the goal for the group. It doesn’t have to be a vision with a capital “V.” Just paint a picture of what you want to accomplish over the next few weeks/months/years. You don’t want you’re team saying, “what the heck are we doing? Where is this leading us?” The vision also needs milestones. People want to know how they’re doing in relation to their goal. Milestones let you tell them.

Full article here


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