CE#475: 10 words of hope to help you get back in the game

Here are 10 words of hope to help you get back in the game:

Recharge – Recharge your drained batteries. Read a good book, hang out with someone positive, or attend a conference.

Rest – Struggles drain us personally. Sometimes we can’t continue until we have an extended period of downtime.

Reward – Reward yourself for small achievements. You may just need one win to spur you to greater things.

Re-energize – As strange as it sounds, I find exercising to be helpful when I need more energy.

Resist – Push through the pain and resist the temptation to quit.

Renew – Renew your passion for the vision you once believed in.

Restart – Invite some change, begin something new or try a different approach.

Reclaim – You had a dream. You believed in it. It had potential. Perhaps you simply need to reclaim what you already had.

Rejoice – Sometimes you need to throw a party…even before you realize the victory. A celebration may give you the motivation to try again.

Remind – People follow the leader. Remind them of their role in achieving the dream. Lead through the drought on to new victories.

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