CE#467: Top 10 Signs Your Service Disappoints (Bloomberg Businesweek)

#10. You have only one department that handles customer service. Think about this for a moment. No one else is responsible for service? If you have only one “customer service department,” everyone else in the organization will think customer service is someone else’s job.

#9. Your service department also responds to the name “The Complaint Handling Department.” The whole idea of “handling” customer complaints is out of date. Handling is for boxes and equipment. Caring and responding is for customers.

#8. When really important clients call, you don’t trust anyone except yourself to take care of them. If you can’t trust your people with your most important customers, you haven’t given them the necessary education and tools they need to provide great service.

#7. Your service standards were drafted while listening to an eight-track cassette. Your service might have left clients smiling years ago, but now it doesn’t impress anyone. You have to make service as innovative as products, constantly improving to create new and better value. “Out of date” is not a winning position.

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