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CE#252: Aisle by Aisle, an App That Pushes Bargains (NYT)


It’s like the most persistent sales clerk you’ve ever encountered.

Major retailers are working with a new smartphone application that tracks and offers promotions to shoppers as they move from outside the store, to counters, to cash registers — even inside the dressing room (now that’s persistence).

The app, called Shopkick, will be available on Tuesday for the iPhone and in the fall for Android phones. And with five major companies supporting it — Macy’s, Best Buy, Sports Authority and American Eagle Outfitters, along with the Simon Property Group, the prominent mall operator — it is getting a big introduction.

Customers with the Shopkick app will get points (called kickbucks) for entering a store. Pick up a putter at Sports Authority, and points drop into the app. Stop in the dressing room at American Eagle, and more points arrive.

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CE#251: You Can Now Dynamically Track Flights On Google Earth

Google has just added a pretty cool layer to Google Earth – near real-time flight location of every flight over the US.

The KML file, provided by FlightWise, can’t be offered in real-time because of FAA regulations, so the flights you’ll see are 15-20 minutes behind on average. The layer shows the flight path of the airplane, and when you click on it you’ll be offered a pop-up that gives you more detailed data, as well as a download option to download a KML file of the entire flight that you can then replay.


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CE#250: Adiemus – Adiemus – Karl Jenkins

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CE#249: Kayama – Adiemus (Karl Jenkins) – Carmina Slovenica Orchestra Chorus

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CE#248: Texting + Driving = Accident/Death

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CE#247: Stockmapper..Interactive Stock Market Visualization

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CE#246: Consider Again That Pale Blue Dot (Carl Sagan)

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